Making things simple…

Hello all, welcome to my life.

I will start off with an introduction of myself. I am a 29 year old mom of two and wife (of one). My two littles, ages 9 and 4. I have been married to my husband for 5 years and we have been together for 10. Between my job, 2 children,  sports, ballet, 2 fur children, a new house (new to us, but a BIG project) my life can get pretty hectic. I needed simplicity, I needed change, and that is where this blog is coming into play.

I work a normal 9-5 job in the healthcare field. I hate it, not the job itself, but the stress and restrictions it puts on my life. I am constantly stressed for one reason or another in regards to my job, I worry every morning that I might get stuck in traffic and be 1 minute late to my job, and then get “in trouble”. I stress about leaving sick children to go to work (how do you make that choice?) I stress about missing out on school events, award ceremonies and class parties. I have had to miss out on Holidays, sporting events, birthday parties and so much more because I put myself in a position to work instead of stay at home.

Most mornings I wake up and conflicted with the feelings I have and the choices I have made as a mom. I drop my son off with one grandparent so they can take him to school, I drop my daughter off with another grandparent so she can be taken care of. When I finally arrive at my desk I sit down and think about the things that I am missing out on, even if its just my daughter learning a portion of the alphabet or my son getting to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at school.

This morning I woke up, just like every other Monday, reluctantly got ready for my day at work. Things were running smoothly, until I went to walk out the door. I was just about to walk out the front door when I realized that my car keys had been locked in my car. I was so irritated, frustrated that I was probably going to be late, to my job. This morning when I sat down at my desk, I thought about my children, today I didn’t think about what I was going to miss out on, today I made a conscious decision that I was no longer going to miss out on things.

No, I didn’t quit my job. But I did decide that it is up to me to make a HUGE change in my life, I don’t want to go to an office every day, I want to make my own schedule. I want to be there with my kids, when they go to school, I want to pick them up from school, and participate in school activities. I want to be with them every moment I am given. They are my purpose and the reason I exist, so I owe it to them to be present in their lives. Not as a few memories here and there, not as the mom who left for work every morning, irritated that she might be late, or that she was going to miss out on something during the day. Today is the day I decided to make things simpler.

I am not exactly sure yet, how I am going to make this change, or how I will make things simpler. But this is the best way to begin my journey. To being a better mom, to being a more present mom. I hope that I can share and help other moms in this journey.